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My name is Jamie and welcome to Broken Heart Love Songs. 

Broken Heart Love Songs was coined when I was 25 and at my most melancholy. You know what I mean. Everything was horrible. Every feeling, situation, emotion - the most intense. Art is what I used to break free from those emotions. 

Always blasting music and singing along during my creative process - it's apart of it. Music has and always will be inspiration for me. My husband is a musician, I like to sing - our friends are musicians - it is very much in our daily life. 

The broken cassette tape image I was drawing a lot that year - when I was 25 - so much so that I tattooed it on my body. There is something about holding a physical object that holds music that's comforting. It only seemed fitting the cassette would be one of the first images on my merchandise. 

'Broken Heart Love Songs' therefore is the umbrella for all of it - my art, emotions, inspirations - life. I hope you enjoy it. <3