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Launching my first store - Jan 24, 2018

HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS. This is unreal. 2018 has been SO amazing for me so far. I don't know what happened but it's like I just decided screw it, this year I am getting shit done and doing shit I have always wanted to do. One thing at a time BUT after having my art on Print on Demand sites Society6 and Redbubble for a year - I decided in the long run I wanted more control and more freedom. I researched what some friends are doing and BAM. Here it is. 

I bought a Canon camera, a backdrop, a photoshoot setup - closed my living room curtains and had my own photoshoot with my sample products. Running back and forth during self-timer - oh ALSO - one of the poles would not extend so those pictures - I am on my knees. Yeah. It was hilarious. My cats loved the backdrop too. 

I edited the pictures in photoshop - SO FUN - thank you graphic design degree - and sized, resized, uploaded, saved, etc. And created this here website you are looking at now. My goal was to get it launched in February and its January still! Woo!

There are a couple instagram independent business owners I follow that inspire me who do the exact same thing so i thought ya know what - I'm going to do that. I bought my LLC, got a tax ID sellers number and I am ready to roll - bring it on! 

It is very nerve wracking putting yourself out there like this but to hell with it - let's go. I can't wait to upload more. 

I plan to connect with local events and sell wholesale at festivals, markets, etc. too. Let's kick ass this year! 


January 28, 2018

It's been 4 days since I launched Broken Heart Love Songs. I have had two customers (THANK YOU) and tons of support. I love you all so much, thanks for the encouragement. 

I just added a couple new products to the store - the Cassette Tape Mugs, Doughnut Balloons Tote Bag, multiple color options for the unisex tshirt and the women's tank top and color options for the cassette tape pillow. It's growing - slowly but it's growing!

I will be adding more art prints but I have been at this for 2 hours so I am going to take a break and get some lunch.

Tomorrow I am opening a business account at my bank for Broken Heart Love Songs. Shit is getting real. I can't wait to HOPEFULLY participate in local events, festivals, markets and sell wholesale to  Madison directly. That would be SO fun. So would traveling to other markets :)

Cheers to the future - go kick some butt. ~J

January 28, 2018

Today I opened a business account with my credit union. I have my own BHLS Debit card and EVERYTHING. Real legit. I only hope this can grow. I worked on uploading prints to the store today for I don't know -  3 to 4 hours? It's fun and I enjoy EVERY minute of it. But it is a TON of work. I applaud and respect and admire all of the freelancers, independent artists, e-commerce, doing it all on your own business owners. I want to be like YOU. You inspire me and this little shop. Thank you.

Keep hustlin, growin, movin. ~J

February 16, 2018

I feel the growth. My InStagram is slowly growing and it is so fun to watch - I hope some of these followers turn into customers <3. I purchased an art print from a fellow artist I met on instagram - I will be creating a wall of art from local artists and ones I meet/find on Instagram that inspire me - artists supporting artists! 

I added two requested items to my shop and 3 more orders were placed - I think 8 people have purchased something - YOU GUYS ROCK. 

We went on a 5 day vacation to Phoenix, AZ last week with 4 friends to visit out friend who moved there a couple years ago and to get some sun/warm weather. We hiked in Saguaro National Park where there were TONS of HUGE Cacti - fun fact, Cacti only grow 6 inches every 10 years and don't have limbs until they are at least 75 - these cacti were HUGE.. SO OLD. SO - my goal this weekend is to create some cacti art for BHLS and I have one other drawing I had started a little bit ago so i want to finish that. 

I received some contacts for some local festivals/markets here from a client, so I have just emailed them to see if I can participate and how much everything would cost - MAKING MOVES PEOPLE. 

Don't wait. Don't let fear control you. I am so NERVOUS if i actually get to have a booth and try to sell my stuff - what if they don't like it, what if no one buys anything, it's probably not good enough --- well, what if they do like it? What if they DO buy something - we cannot hold ourselves back because of fear and I guess this year I am ALL about that. 

Get out there ~J 

March 14, 2018

I just added a crop top and t-shirt to the site that I am really excited about - the Cactigi art printed on them - I added some pentagons in the background the color of a sunset and it just made it a little more fun. I think it's a really fun design and I hope you guys like it!

This Spring/Summer is chalking up to be a BUSY one. I am officially participating in 5 local events: April - Popup all month long at Toot & Kate's in Verona, May 4th - Gallery Night, May 12th - Madison Makers Market, July 26th Bodega at Breese Steves and September 20th Bodega at Breese Stevens. There are definitely a bunch more I could have participated in but I think 5 for my first year is great haha gotta build up the inventory! I am SO excited I cannot wait!

If anyone reads this and you are local to Madison, WI PLEASE COME VISIT MY BOOTHS :)